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InteliView solutions for fruits and vegetables to achieve maximum freshness, quality and shelf life

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Intelligent logistics visibility delivering high value improvements to supply chain performance

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Intelimonitor solution for real-time monitoring temperature-sensitive items in hospitals

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FSMA Makes A Difference

*   How will FSMA impact your food safety plan ?
*   Want to know how major food companies demonstrate, address and verify an unprecedented set of risk-based controls across the supply chain ?

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News Spotlight

Perishable Inventory Management using ‘Predictive Shelf Life’ Process

*   How can you manage sales and inventory based on estimated quality and remaining shelf life at any juncture in the distribution chain ?

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One of our major customer's data from 01-01-2015 to 02-11-2016


Cycles using InteliView Solutions

Number of forced air pre-cooling tunnel cycles completed


Man hours saved

Number of hours saved in pre-cooling cycle time reduction

1.4 M

$ saved

Dollars saved for our customer until today

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