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Unprecedented growth of specialized pharmaceutical products such as biologics that demand a cold chain environment require and demand very closely monitored cold chain environment in order to preserve the quality and clinical effectiveness of these products. Increasing and more complex regulations globally, especially when factoring in additional categories of temperature requirements, such as controlled room temperature (CRT), make regulatory compliance a top pain point during manufacturing and distribution. Medical and Biotech facilities already have a variety of monitoring needs for room temperatures, standard refrigeration, and general-purpose freezers at as low as -80°C that are particularly challenging to maintain and the ultra-low cryogenic freezers may contain research samples, live cultures, blood, and many other critical medical assets.
Protecting these assets is a mission-critical concern for many hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, blood banks, and anywhere that cryogenic storage is required. Typically, the InteliTemp, InteliMonitor and InteliShip Solutions help keep them protected and safe through constantly monitoring and alerting.

Drug Supply Chain Security Act
Timeline for Manufacturers and Trading Partners

Pharma Solutions
  • InteliTemp – Pulp Temperature Monitoring & Reporting.
  • InteliShip – Temperature Visibility during Transport.
  • InteliMonitor – Temperature & Humidity Monitoring in Cold Storage Facility.

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