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Harvest to the Store Shelf, Ensuring Quality & Freshness

The shelf life of perishable foods like fresh fruits and vegetables can be maximized by maintaining required cold chain conditions and appropriate handling within the distribution chain. Our Produce solutions provide real time pulp temperature tracking, reporting and alerting across the value chain. We establish produce specific shelf life algorithms to analyze remaining shelf life based on temperature/humidity conditions.

Produce Solutions
  • InteliTemp- Pulp Temperature Monitoring & Reporting.
  • InteliCool- Visibility of Forced Air Pre -Cooler & Vaccum Cooler Pulp Temperatures.
  • InteliShip- Fresh Produce Temperature Visibility during Transport.
  • InteliMonitor- Temperature & Humidity Monitoring in Cold Storage Facility.
  • InteliShelf- Automated Temperature Monitoring in Retail Stores-shelves.

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