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Nursery Cold Storage Monitoring – Berry and other fruit Plants

Our Temperature visibility solutions are used extensively to monitor plant cold storage for all types of berries and other fruits. Cold storage has not only been a good method to overwinter strawberry plants safely and to compensate for the lack of natural chilling. Currently this represents an important part of strawberry production in most parts of the world including North America. Strawberry misted tip plug plants & bare root plants are cold stored at 2⁰C for short term and -1.7⁰C for long term. Likewise, Raspberry roots cold stored at 2⁰C for short term and -1.7⁰C for long term.

Strawberry Plant Storage

Longcane Cold Storage Monitoring – Raspberry and Blackberry Longcanes

Long cane raspberry and blackberry plants are an advanced technology and are produced from roots and placed in cold storage. These plants develop more laterals and flowers per laterals, and give the highest yield. The fruit is generally vertical and low hanging and are easy to pick. This harvest is less strenuous and requires less human labor. Long cane Raspberry and Blackberry plants are cold stored at 2⁰C for short term and -1.7⁰C for long term.

Raspberry and Blackberry Longcane Storage

The cold storage facilities that store these plants require very rigorous temperature and humidity management within a small permissible range. Inteligistics employs appropriate solutions that provide storage facility level temperature and humidity monitoring and a low cost temperature monitoring of each bin, tote or pallet. We provide dashboards, data reports and alerts to help management to take appropriate corrective actions in a timely manner in order to ensure that the plants will provide optimum yield and high quality fruit.

Nursery Solutions

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