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Meat & Fish

Raw meat and poultry products should be maintained at 40° F or below to greatly reduce the growth rate of any pathogenic bacteria that may be present on their surfaces. Chilling is required of all raw product unless it moves directly from the slaughter line to heat processing or cooking (made into hot dogs or luncheon meats, for example), which destroys pathogens. Our suite of Meat & Fish Solutions provides real time data collection at any specified point along the entire value chain. These solutions assist in maintaining the required cold chain of the product at each stage of the distribution.

Meat & Fish Solutions
  • InteliTemp-IR – Food Temperature Monitoring & Reporting using infrared sensors.
  • InteliMonitor – Temperature & Humidity Monitoring in Cold Storage Facility.
  • InteliShip – Food Temperature Visibility during Transport.
  • InteliShelf – Automated Temperature Monitoring in Retail Stores shelves.

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