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Our Floral solutions help in maintaining quality and freshness of the flowers by constantly monitoring and helping to keep precise temperature of the pre-coolers and cold storage facilities. The ideal temperature for cut flowers is between 34 and 36 degrees Fahrenheit which the floral coolers must maintain. Besides controlled temperatures, the humidity of floral storage areas must be carefully controlled. Storage and display units need to maintain humidity levels of 90 to 95 percent. Flowers placed in preservatives require a minimum humidity level of 80 percent. InteliView solutions also monitor humidity in these facilities constantly and help maintain these ideal humidity conditions, thus ensuring high quality and freshness of the flowers.

Floral Solutions
  • InteliTemp- Temperature Monitoring & Reporting.
  • InteliCool- Visibility of Forced Air Pre -Cooler & Vaccum Cooler Temperatures.
  • InteliShip- Temperature Visibility during Transport of flowers.
  • InteliMonitor- Temperature & Humidity Monitoring in Cold Storage Facility.
  • InteliShelf- Automated Temperature Monitoring in Retail Stores shelves.

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