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Energy Monitoring

Energy costs are among the largest of the operating costs for most industries. Precooling and cold storage facilities used by the fresh produce industry is the largest component of energy use in the state of California. The costs of energy savings are not always apparent to management personnel because many organizations allocate them to overhead usage rather than their appropriate processes. Inteligistics provides energy monitoring solutions that provide visibility of energy use of their facilities. This visibility enables the management to take steps to optimize the use of energy and drive cost savings to the company bottom line. For example, our InteliCool solutions used in forced air pre-cooling as well as vacuum tubes result in substantial reduction in the cycle times which results in corresponding energy savings. Inteligistics’ energy monitoring solutions help the industry to quantify the resulting energy savings. As California is a carbon credits state, companies can also derive substantial carbon credits from the state from these energy savings using our energy monitoring solutions.

Energy Monitoring Solutions
  • InteliCool- Visibility of Forced Air Pre -Cooler & Vaccum Cooler Pulp Temperatures.
  • InteliMonitor- Temperature & Humidity Monitoring in Cold Storage Facility, applying the solution ensures the energy consumption for cold storage facility is optimum
  • InteliShelf- Automated Temperature Monitoring in Retail Stores-shelves.

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