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Article published in Western Growers Magazine, September 2016 issue

Inteligistics Advances Food Safety with Innovative Temperature Measuring Technology

September 2, 2016

Rao Mandava was born into a farming family in India and grew up learning how to harvest rice, tobacco and various vegetables from his father. After years of exploring different careers and countries, Mandava came back to his original farming roots through Inteligistics. Inteligistics was launched by Mandava more than 10 years ago to provide the fresh produce industry with a solution to ensure quality and freshness using temperature monitoring, humidity visibility and product tracking. “Our technology assures that perishable produce is safe, fresh,...

Temperatures at Origin, In-transit and Destination all Affect Claims – Tommy Oliveri of Western Growers Association

May 9, 2016

There are several lessons. 1) I encourage you to add pulp temperatures and a check box for the driver to sign off on those temperatures. 2) Consider a pre-load check list that also includes pulp temperatures for the driver to initial. By taking these measures, it further documents your best practices and indicates to your buyer and carriers alike that you, as a shipper, focus on details to make sure product is always placed in the trailer with optimum intention to have it arrive...

Inteligistics selected as finalist for second year in a row – Thrive Accelerator

April 28, 2016

SALINAS, CA – Twelve of the most innovative startups in AgTech and Food Tech including Inteligistics have been selected to participate in the THRIVE Accelerator beginning in April in Salinas, California. 36 startups from Ireland, Israel, Italy, Spain, UK and from across the U.S. pitched their technology, team, and vision for growth at the THRIVE Accelerator’s Seed Camp yesterday. The initiative is driven by SVG Partners. THRIVE sponsors include leaders in both agriculture and technology: Western Growers Association; Land O’ Lakes; Taylor Farms; Verizon...

FSMA Makes A Difference

October 22, 2015

It’s Time to Connect the Food Safety Dots After nearly 5 years of discussion the Food Safety Modernization Act is becoming law on October 31, 2015. The FDA now has the full authority to make a difference. The first of seven new rules, the preventive controls rules, is a food safety game changer. Your current HACCP plan is no longer the core to your food safety plan. The new mandated food safety rules require companies who operate FDA registered facilitates to use a new...

Perishable Inventory Management using ‘Predictive Shelf Life’ Process

October 22, 2015

Approach – The shelf life of perishable foods can be maximized by maintaining required cold chain conditions and appropriate handling within the distribution chain. Inteligistics, in conjunction with the preeminent food quality thought leaders, formulated a scientific process called ‘Predictive Shelf Life’. This process extends and analytically confirms shelf life of food products at any point during the active distribution chain. This approach combines kinetic data of changes in quality attributes with accurate measurement of environmental conditions (time, temperature, humidity) and handling methods. The...

Inteligistics eyeballs temperature across supply chain

July 17, 2015

SALINAS, Calif. — As Inteligistics Inc. founder Rao Mandava sees it, fresh produce temperature monitoring is inextricably linked to issues of food safety, traceability and regulatory compliance. Mandava, who is working with Driscoll’s, Fresh Express, Dole and retailer Giant Eagle among others, brought his supply chainwide point of view to Forbes Media’s AgTech Summit in Salinas, Calif., in July. Pittsburgh, Pa.-based Inteligistics offers the InteliView suite of technologies for harvesting, forced-air and vacuum pre-cooling, shipment, distribution centers and stores. InteliView employs machine to machine...

“Thrive Accelerator” Finalist Inteligistics to Showcase Breakthrough Technology at AgTech Summit, Poised for Fast Growth

July 7, 2015

Salinas, California June 30, 2015 –Inteligistics Inc., provider of innovative wireless temperature visibility solutions for the fresh produce industry, is poised for fast growth on the cusp of the Forbes Magazine / SVG Partners Reinventing America AgTech Summit slated for July 8 – 9 2015 in Salinas, California. One of ten finalists from a broad field of entries for SVG Partners Thrive Accelerator Award to be announced at the Summit, Inteligistics’ mission is to ensure quality and freshness from harvest to store shelf. The...

Inteligistics selected as a Finalist-Thrive Accelerator

December 12, 2014

These companies will compete for funding and deployment through top AgTech companies, and will be prominently featured during SVG/Forbes Reinventing America Ag Tech Summit in July, 2015. SAN JOSE, CA. –  Ten of the most innovative emerging leaders in AgTech, including inteligistics, have been selected to participate in the Thrive Accelerator Program, slated to take place in Salinas, California this March. More than 40 AgTech companies from Peru, Israel, Switzerland, Panama, France, UK, Ireland and from across the USA pitched their teams, technology and...

Driscoll’s issues contracts to Inteligistics to rollout InteliTemp™ and InteliCool™

November 13, 2014

In November 2014, Driscoll’s issued contracts to Inteligistics to implement InteliTemp™ and InteliCool™ temperature visibility solutions across their network. Their network includes about 30 pre-cooling facilities for InteliCool and about 40 cold storage facilities for InteliTemp in both the United States and Mexico. Their network includes both facilities owned by Driscoll’s as well as third party facilities that they continuously contract for their use.. InteliTemp has already been rolled out at 8 cold storage facilities in Mexico and Driscoll’s have gained extensive experience with...

Kevin Srigley joins Inteligistics Advisory Board

March 28, 2014

Inteligistics is pleased to announce the addition to its Advisory Board of Kevin C. Srigley.  Kevin brings over 25 years of experience in marketing and general management with a focus in food, beverage and retail.  His valuable expertise is assisting Inteligistics in expanding its cool chain and fresh produce supply chain solutions offerings. Over the past 15 years, Kevin has held numerous managerial and senior leadership positions at Giant Eagle, a multi-billion dollar, privately held supermarket chain with over 30,000 employees. Kevin previously held marketing,...

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