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October 23, 2017

Inteligistics participates in the Block Chain for Food pilot

Inteligistics provides produce industry with temperature visibility and tracebility from harvest to point of sale using this capability and data generated by our solutions, Inteligistics is participating in the Blockchain of Food pilot working closely with some of the pilot participants. Inteligistcs uses industry guidance provided by the block chain experts.
Following our some of the industry guidance that we follow., a start-up at the forefront of creating a blockchain solution for our food system was a recent participant at The Mixing Bowl’s FOOD IT: Fork to Farm and recognized as one of Forbes’ Top 25 Most Innovative Ag-Tech Start-ups of 2017. Raja, their CEO, has compiled and written with his team, the following perspective and analysis on how to initiate, gain adoption and run a “Blockchain of Food” in the food supply chain. We would like to share it with you.
Theme 1 – Blockchain Participants’ Friction
The actors interested to participate in the “Blockchain of Food” are driven by a need to demonstrate the superior quality of their methods and products. Most of the participants in the supply chain complain about the lack of transparency and trust by other participants. The participants are asking for a better supply-chain collaboration method. The blockchain can provide this… if they are willing to collaborate…. The Blockchain of Food

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