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“You can’t manage what you don’t measure”   - Professor W. Edwards Deming


Inteligistics is a provider of innovative cold chain and supply chain visibility solutions for the food, logistics, healthcare and energy monitoring markets. We have created a very agile technology platform under a contract with the US Navy leveraging Machine to Machine (M2M) low power, portable and wireless sensors and/or passive Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies. Our InteliView solutions fully integrate cloud based communications gateways, and various environmental, vibration and chemical sensors, GPS and security devices for specific customer applications. Insightful and actionable information and alerts provided via a graphics dashboard and data analytics platform deliver high value improvements to cold chain and supply chain performance, productivity and quality. This allows our customers and partners to focus on process improvements, decreased power usage, increased product throughput, more efficient labor costs, and improved inventory levels. Let Inteligistics provide the same for your company.


Inteligistics delivers high value improvements to supply chain and cold chain performance, productivity and sustainability because InteliView solutions enable our customers to significantly improve or transform their existing processes.

Our engagement process is highly consultative and value focused.  Executive level sponsorship allows us to quickly acquire the process metrics necessary for us to present the projected quantified value and ROI of an InteliView solutions.

We are dedicated to helping our customers make well informed investment decisions and realize the full value of their implemented solution.

                                                                               Rao Mandava, Chairman and President


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